“Promise me you’ll always remember:
You’re braver than you believe,
and stronger than you seem,
and smarter than you think.”

– Christopher Robinson (Winnie the Pooh)

“Promise me you…


Oh Sunny Day

Woohoo, sunshine!! Today my best friend Matthijs and I went for a ice cream and the weather was so good! I’m finally able to wear my sandals again 😀

As you can see we really like using apps to give our pictures a different color. I always use Camera +. It is the best!









Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

I’m so madly in love with the Mexican culture!! Colorful, friendly, open, warm and beautiful are words I use when I tell about Mexico. Since I really like using my ‘Mexico pics’ for the Weekly Photo Challenge I limited myself this time a little: All these pictures are taken in Oaxaca. Oaxaca is the capital of the state Oaxaca and totally worth visiting!

Usually I post like 4 photo’s in a challenge, but I have so many pictures I wanna share. Here’s a wide variety of my entry;

The church in the 8th picture is the Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán (el Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán). It’s an extremely fancy church and there are over 60,000 sheets of 23,5 karat gold leaf used for the decoration of the interior. Crazy right.

I love to take pictures of Mexican people. Their faces are absolutely stunning, especially when they get older. I can’t wait to go back to the country I love most of all and to those loving people. Me encanta la cultura Mexicana!

The Walking Dead

It was all over Facebook and all my male friends talked about it : The Walking Dead, a television series by the AMC channel about a bunch of people who are trying to survive a world full of zombies. I do like supernatural stuff, but zombies? Nahhh. I’m a girly series girl. Or at least I was, until 2 days ago. I had to wait for a new Pretty Little Liars, 90210 and The Vampire Diaries so I basically had nothing else to watch and downloaded The Walking Dead season 1. And boy… I’m hooked!!!

I really like how it’s all so surreal when you think about it, but very credible while you’re watching. There are a bunch of badass scenes. In fact, almost every scene is amazing. It’s all perfectly produced!

Usually I watch series with incredible gorgeous actors who dress perfectly and talk neat. This show is different since the actors are very ‘real’.

The thing I don’t like… Might sound dumb since the series is about surviving zombies, but those zombies are so nasty! I really don’t like blood. It makes me nauseous. The fact those zombies like eating intestines makes it even dirtier but he, gotta cope with those little details when you’re watching an awesome show like this!!

So I’m about to finish season 1 and season 2 and 3 are already waiting for me 😀


Pink Princess

There are two things that I want so badly and that will never happen. In order to understand my way of thinking, it is necessary that you know these things. I’m not ashamed of them, it’s just who I am. But I certainly know it is not perfectly normal either.

Al right. First of all: I want the world to be pink. Everything. The trees, grass, houses and people. I know that this might sound weird, but try to picture it. A world of pinkness. Pink makes me happy. It makes me feel like I am in love. It makes me wanna smile. And I know not everyone feels the same way but gosh, a pink world seems just the right thing to do. I had this phase in life when like all my clothes where pink. Most girls have this phase around the age of 8 years old. I was 14. I bought pink clothes, a pink camera, I had a pink room (which by the way still is very pink) and I even started using another brand of toothpaste which I didn’t like that much, just because the toothpaste is pink.

Yep. I am an overexcited person and I am sure overexcited about pink.

The second thing you must know is that I want to be a princess. Ever since I dated my first ‘real’ boyfriend, I told him I was a princess. When he got mad I whined “But I am your princess right?” and I called myself; Princess Britt. This wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t get overexcited. Unfortunately I did. A while ago I turned 21 and even though I’m not screaming that I’m a princess anymore, at least not when anyone can hear it, I still have these weak moments. I have 2 tiaras at my house in Holland and I put them on my head every once in a while, and of course I wear them on my birthday. It is not I would like to be a real princess you know. All the formal stuff. I am way too immature for all of that. Way to active on Facebook as well. It’s just that I’m a spoiled person with a very good life and thus I feel like a princess.

Now you know. Now you know I want the world to be pink, because it makes me happy. And that I don’t have a descent reason to wanna be a princess at all.

Princess Britt of the Pink World. I’ll keep on  dreaming!
Oh, and if you ever feel like you should starting painting this world pink, don’t hesitate!
Schermafbeelding 2012-08-19 om 19.05.48

My Exchange to the USA, part IV

You know when you’re freaking excited for something. Like the beyond excited kinda excitement? That you actually wanna keep talking and bite people just to get your mind off things? Well, that’s what I was like when I finally jumped in that plane and flew from Amsterdam to Orlando for a once in a lifetime experience.

Like I said before, my arrival in Orlando wasn’t as I expected. Call me naïve, I know I am, but I believed every crap I saw in Mean Girls. American movies made me wanna go to the States, to be part of the perfect life I thought I was looking for. And then I was there. No ‘welcome home’ banner, no cupcakes. Only big people and a huge tv.

I like exaggerating. I don’t do it on purpose, it just feels natural. However, my amount of self-knowledge is sky high. But in this case you just gotta believe me; some things were actually bad. I woke up the next morning in my new town: Saint Cloud, a lil shitty place close to Orlando – Florida. The dog pie was still on the floor and the stains were still on the furniture, but the sun was shining and that just made me feel happy. The fact we went to Pizza Hut might’ve made my first day in the US a whole lot better too.

After I had breakfast (cornflakes, ugh) I got (over)dressed and we went to something that Americans call a yard sale. You gotta understand; in Holland we don’t do that kinda stuff. We may go to flee markets, which we like to call ‘trash markets’, but we’re not gonna sell a bunch of old dusty stuff in our yard. At the same moment I experienced my first yard sale, I met a cowboy for the first time too. I didn’t know there were still people alive that thought of themselves as cowboys, but evidently there are and a lot of them like being in Shitty Saint Cloud. The cowboy tried to hook me up with his cowboy grandson. Although he couldn’t sell us any junk nor get his boy a date, he remained smiling.

“Hiiii my name is Kelly and if you need anything just let me knooooooow 😀 😀 😀 :D” Pizza Hut and also the first ‘restaurant’ I went to. I was in shock when the waitress told me her name. Again, we don’t do that in Holland. I though this girl was on drugs or whatever because she almost danced around while giving us her fake white smile. Apparently Americans like that kinda stuff and give more tips. It’s either that or showing your ass and boobs as a waitress in Hooters or whatever tiny-dressed-waitress-place you like. I guess Kelly chose right.

Another big deal was the ice tea. I got so excited when Kelly told me they had it.(excited is my favorite English word since I called my host mom a week before my exchange and she asked me 12 times in 1 minute if I was excited. I assumed it was an important word). It was the first and last time I ordered ice tea in America. In Holland (gosh I sound like someone who thinks everything in Holland is better, don’t I?) we drink Lipton Ice Tea with and without carbonation, but it tastes good as hell. In fact, it’s my favorite kind of soda. In America people brew their own tea and may even add a shitload of sugar too. Ugh.

To end this exciting day we went to Wal-Mart. Wow, THE biggest supermarket I had ever seen. I couldn’t believe they even sold clothes and there were hair salons and other fancy shops inside the supermarket itself.

I went to bed after having 6 little meatballs for supper. Everything had been huge so far, except for my appetite in strange food.

Dirty furniture and a big-ass TV

Dirty furniture and a big-ass TV

p.s. Yes, I’ve allowed myself to write the way I like to write these kinda things. A lil inappropriate (:

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Be your crazy self

Be your crazy self

I can’t say it often enough: Be yourself! Not everyone will like it but when I can be my dorky me I’m just so happy.
Sometimes it bothers me that in whatever country I am people will always tell me I’m crazy, but I think I kinda like it that way because I wouldn’t think of changing the way I am 😉

Happy Bday to my ‘Lil’ Cousin!

UntitledWoohoo! Today’s the day my lil cousin Devin turns 17! He’s finally gonna get his drivers license and I’m so proud of him! He’s getting taller by the day but he’ll always be my little cousin ❤
Happy birthday Devin! We grew up together and I hope we’ll grow old side by side as well! I love you!




I know I’m such a dork and later this week I’ll post something that’s gonna prove that even more, but pink makes me so happy.
This color is one of my favorite things in life! Soon I’ll share my pink book collection as well. Oh please, help me paint this world pink (;

p.s. I kinda hate the Keep Calm thingies but I felt the urge to create my own one ;p