Abbey Tongerlo II

March 23rd my parents and I went to Tongerlo – Belgium for a brand new experience: We were gonna spend a weekend in an abbey!

I didn’t really know what to expect. I’m not religious but I’m curious and it was such a nice experience.

Abbey Tongerlo is pretty big. Of course there’s a church but I didn’t expect there to be a gift shop where I even bought 3 pinks books…

The area is very nice but because of the cold we didn’t get the chance to walk around that much and I only took some random picture because I thought my toes were gonna freeze off.

There’s a small village nearby called Westerlo where you can go if you don’t wanna stay in the abbey. I actually enjoyed staying in. I only went to one service but it was super boring and to be honest I couldn’t stop thinking that all those people are stupid because they spend their whole lives praying for something that probably doesn’t exist.

We had breakfast, a warm meal, tea and waffles and a bread meal every day. I didn’t really like it but I’m a terrible eater and I don’t like to eat warm during lunchtime.

If you need some time off your normal life I’d definitely recommend going to an abbey whether you’re religious or not. It’s so relaxed. You don’t need to go to the services and you can totally be yourself!


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