Bucket List #.27

Sunday 09/09/12. My friend Rory took me out for my birthday. He wouldn’t tell me what we were gonna do, but I had to bring comfortable shoes and my camera. It was the last sunny day in Holland and I thought we were gonna go to a zoo or something. Nope. Rory, Mr. Craziness himself, took me for a flight in a hot air balloon! This had been on my bucket list for a while and I was thrilled that he gave me such an amazing present. The flight was on Rory’s bucket list as well, so we really fulfilled one of our dreams together! Taking pictures at this height was amazing and probably a once in a lifetime chance. I’m really happy with the results :)

The weather was perfect, the view was breathtaking and the experience was priceless! No doubt this was the best date ever and I will cherish the memory for the rest of my life!

Bucket list:
#.27 Flying in a hot air balloon.



















6 comments on “Bucket List #.27

  1. Echt leuk! Looks magnificent. In which part of Holland did you do that. ( I ll Check the website luchtballon.com, if you confirm that they are good).
    It s also on my list.

    We ll be in Holland twice before end of May. Might try to do it by then.

    • Haha you speak Dutch? I can’t find anything ‘about you’ on your blog…

      It was amazing! Really!! We took off in Capelle aan de IJsel and we landed in a meadow in Kamerik. We reached a height of 1500ft. I’d really recommend the company. The strong men and women could help getting the balloon up, when we landed we got a glass of champagne and at the end we were ‘baptized’ to Lord and Baroness of Capelle aan de IJsel to Kamerik xD (That’s what you see in the last two pictures.)

      Where are you going in Holland?

      • It looks really Nice. I have started this blog around 3 weeks ago. So I m not yet perfect with the blog ‘ s managing. You ll see a bit more about me on my post ” why parislux”. I speak Dutch as my husband is Dutch, but I ve learned by myself…
        We mostly go to Breda and Amsterdam , and from time to time to schevinjen and deventer.
        I love holland.
        We go at least 2 full weeks per year, plus several time per year for a week end… Depending on family friend, and important event ( familie reunie, birthday, weeding etc).

        I ll let you know about the air ballon, I ld really love to organize it.


      • I see! I’ve found the tab ‘why parislux’, understand the name of your blog now as well haha. It’s such a nice mix of cultures: French, American, Dutch and now Luxembourg! I do love Scheveningen btw, I live close to Rotterdam (:
        Im looking forward reading your post about this amazing experience!!

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