My exchange to the USA, part II

A couple of days ago I wrote why I decided to go to Florida for a year. Today I’ll write about the day I left Holland and met my hostmom Sandy.

Leaving Holland for a year was kinda a big deal for me and my friends and family. Of course I couldn’t leave without throwing a 18th bday / graduation / farewell party. I had so much fun and my friend Matthijs took pictures to capture the moments.

August 6th. It was finally the day. The day I would say goodbye to my parents, family, boyfriend and friends and leave Holland for America, the country of my dreams. I was totally ready to go. Together with two other students I went from Amsterdam to London. The goodbye part was so hard. The worst was seeing my mom and boyfriend crying. When I went through customs I thought “What the f… am I doing?” But I knew I was just having a moment and so we kept walking and went (almost late) on the plane.

In London we met a bunch of European students who were wearing the same t-shirt as we did with STS Highschool on the front. (Ok. I wasn’t actually wearing it but I carried it with me!) From London we would fly together to Chicago – Illinois. The flight wasn’t as bad as I expected and I started to get more excited by the minute. When I finally transferred to Orlando – Florida I immediately fell asleep because I had been up for hours.

Orlando – Florida. The moment was almost there. I was gonna meet my hostmother Sandy. I’d received one blurry picture of her and that was it. I’d spoken to her on the phone like 3 times and we’d e-mailed a couple of times but to be honest I had no clue where I was gonna meet her. I assumed she would be waiting for me in the arrival hall. I couldn’t have been more wrong…

First I couldn’t find my damn bags but since I had a huge pink suitcase it was no problem for the staff to find it. Bags? Check! Host family? Nope.  I walked around for like ten minutes without knowing what kind of woman I was looking for. I decided to go to the information desk and ask if they could broadcast my message (Where the hell is Sandy?). Fortunately they didn’t have to because a big woman came to me and said: “Hé, are you Bridget?” I assumed she was my hostmom and walked with her. I didn’t understand a sh*t of her story because she kept talking about my hostmom and her sister being always late and that they were waiting outside but when a woman who looked like the blurry picture jumped out of a car and introduced herself as Sandy Singh it all made sense. The big woman was Mary-Ellen, my area-representative who kinda had forgotten to introduce herself. Sandy and her sister Cindy didn’t find it necessary to come inside and get me so they’d waited outside. I felt so stupid, because I had expected a big American “Welcome Home Britt”  thingie.

I think I’d never been as quiet as while we headed to Saint Cloud, the city that was gonna be ‘home’ for the next months…

*Next time I’ll tell you about my first night and day at my new home.





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