Kingsday Festival!

Last week I posted about my bucket list item no. 24: Going to a festival. My friends and I bought tickets for Mysteryland – August 24th. I kinda hoped I would be able to cross this off my list before the end of August, and soon I can! April 30th it’s Queensday in Holland. A national holiday when we all dress up in orange and go out to party! This year our queen will retire and her son is gonna be king, so our famous Queensday will be Kingsday. And Kingsday wouldn’t be Kingsday without some good parties to go to. Together with a bunch of friends I’m going to the Kingsday Festival in Amsterdam! I already bought an outfit; I’m optimistic and I really hope it’s gonna be a sunny day. A friend of mine from Mexico will be in Holland so for him it will be amazing to experience this typical Dutch holiday!

I’m excited and can’t wait! Just saying: If you’re planning on visiting the Netherlands and you’re in for a party come April 30th! The fun will be EVERYWHERE!

Kingsday Festival


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