The Ladiesrun Rotterdam.

I’ve never been the Sporty Spice. I’m the kinda girl that likes to do nothing and eat chocolate whenever she wants. I never gained a lot and as long as I didn’t weight more than 62 kilos I was satisfied. But something has changed. I don’t wanna lose weight; I wanna feel fit! I’m gonna run 5 kilometres in June: I’m joining the Ladiesrun Rotterdam 2013!

When I was in Barcelona I got really fanatic. I trained for a week almost every day and I was surprised how fast I lost weight and more important; how fast I was able to reach those 5 km. I run it in 30 minutes but when I came back I started to get sick and didn’t go running that often anymore, so now I gotta start all over again. Running outdoors is so different from running on a treadmill but I’m sure I’ll be good by the time the run takes place. Until then I’m having fun training, mostly because of the amazing running gear in my favorite colors that I got from my mom, a friend and myself 😀 and the app I’m using: Endomondo.
This app is amazing and you can use it for every imaginable sport!

June 9th: Ladiesrun Rotterdam!!!
The Ladiesrun Rotterdam is a annual running event where women can either run 5 or 10 km and donate money for the breast cancer foundation Pink Ribbon. Sign up here



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