My Exchange to the USA, part III

Earlier I wrote about why I went to the USA and how I met my host mom Sandy. Today I’ll tell you about my first day in Saint Cloud – Florida!

After we’d dropped my ‘new’ aunt Cindy off and went home I stood in my driveway for the very first time. The house looked so huge to me (I’m living in an average terrace house in Holland) and I was surprised that the neighbourhood I was gonna live in had a stone fence around it. Ok. The outside of the house looked fine to me and the district seemed quiet and peaceful and all that crap.

My host mom Sandy had told me once on the phone she had 5 little dogs. 5. No, you’re not misreading it. FIVE! When I entered the house the little monsters started barking at me while running around like lil maniacs. I didn’t have much time to pay attention to the house nor to the dogs because Sandy’s lil neighbour, cousin Barbie and her two daughters were waiting for me. Barbie seemed like a lovely woman but the kids kept staring at me like they’d never seen a European.
When I had a drink I got this huge cup filled with ice from the huge fridge (not many people have a fridge like that where I’m from).

Maybe it was because I was so tired or maybe I wasn’t exaggerating (I probably was though) but after exploring the house and writing my diary I couldn’t handle it anymore and started to cry. Everything was so dirty.  I called my mom for a while and she told me to calm down, which obviously didn’t work.

The kids hadn’t said a word to me and I just wanted to go home to my clean room in my clean house with my normal mommy and daddy and my silent cat.

I wrote in my diary:
“I’m finally at Sandy’s. The flight was okay and everything went well. But I keep crying because the house is so dirty. The couch, my blankets… Everything! […] Sandy is nice but she eats so unhealthy and is addicted to potato chips. Her cousin is here too and the kids are simply terrible. […] Why the **** did I come here?!”

I probably just needed a good night rest, but I’ll write about that next time!

The House

The House




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