The Three

I am blessed with three beautiful, strong women in my life. These women have taught me I should always have faith. That it’s okay to stand up for myself. That so much is possible, as long as I keep on trying. And that I should enjoy life, every second of every day.

These women are my great grandmother, grandma and mama. I love them very much.

I took these pictures January 2012 and I wanted to focus on the ‘age’. That time my great grandma was 85, my grandma 64 and my mom 45. I love that you can see they have lived by the wrinkles in their faces and look in their eyes. They don’t like these pictures because they think they look old. The way I see it I showed how they really are 😉 Not that young anymore, but still beautiful!

My Great Grandmother

My Great Grandmother

My Grandmother

My Grandmother

My Mother

My Mother


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