Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

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I’m always so excited for the next Weekly Photo Challenge. The theme of this week’s challenge is Up.
A while ago I posted about my ride in a hot air balloon. Those pics would’ve been perfect for this challenge, but I don’t like to repeat too often so for this challenge I used only one photo of that day (one I haven’t posted before).

I love traveling and I don’t mind flying at all. The first three pictures are taken with my iPhone and turned out pretty good. I am obsessed with the beauty of the clouds, especially when you look down on them which we can’t see from our daily perspective.

The third picture is taken above the Dutch fields and the last one is a sunrise from my window in Valencia – Spain.

“Going up she goes! Up she goes!

Balance yourself like a bird on a beam

In the air she goes! There she goes!

Up, up, a little bit higher

Oh! My! The moon is on fire

Come Josephine in my flying machine

Going up, all on, Goodbye!”


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