Be your crazy self

Be your crazy self

I can’t say it often enough: Be yourself! Not everyone will like it but when I can be my dorky me I’m just so happy.
Sometimes it bothers me that in whatever country I am people will always tell me I’m crazy, but I think I kinda like it that way because I wouldn’t think of changing the way I am 😉


3 comments on “Be your crazy self

  1. If they say you’re crazy then I must be an escaped mental patient!

    I love that you live by this ” Be yourself” I had a major problem with this a few years back, I have always been the person who locks down there emotion’s completely and doesn’t let any show, but I have gotten better about not being an emotionless zombie haha!

    Now day’s I am dorky and a complete Geek…and Life is AWESOME!


    • I’m happy you found your dorky way of happiness.
      It’s amazing when you find others that are the way you think and act. Unfortunately, as a weird person this seems to be kinda hard xD I look like an average blonde girl but when people get to know me they’re like Omg you’re so weird haha. They call it a positive kinda crazy. Wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world!

      • I am glad I did to haha!

        You are right it is hard to find others that are just as quirky and awesome as you are =x It’s not hard to find other Geek’s though, That’s one of the reasons why I love to go book shopping so much, to meet new people and fellow Book Addict’s!

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