The Walking Dead

It was all over Facebook and all my male friends talked about it : The Walking Dead, a television series by the AMC channel about a bunch of people who are trying to survive a world full of zombies. I do like supernatural stuff, but zombies? Nahhh. I’m a girly series girl. Or at least I was, until 2 days ago. I had to wait for a new Pretty Little Liars, 90210 and The Vampire Diaries so I basically had nothing else to watch and downloaded The Walking Dead season 1. And boy… I’m hooked!!!

I really like how it’s all so surreal when you think about it, but very credible while you’re watching. There are a bunch of badass scenes. In fact, almost every scene is amazing. It’s all perfectly produced!

Usually I watch series with incredible gorgeous actors who dress perfectly and talk neat. This show is different since the actors are very ‘real’.

The thing I don’t like… Might sound dumb since the series is about surviving zombies, but those zombies are so nasty! I really don’t like blood. It makes me nauseous. The fact those zombies like eating intestines makes it even dirtier but he, gotta cope with those little details when you’re watching an awesome show like this!!

So I’m about to finish season 1 and season 2 and 3 are already waiting for me 😀



7 comments on “The Walking Dead

  1. I got Hooked during the start of this season as well! I had to catch up on all the previous seasons…I have never liked “zombie” type shows or movies but the walking dead is so unique, it truly is an awesome show!

    -I got addicted after watching the first episode haha- =x

    • Ok I have finals now and all I did was watching The Walking Dead xD. It really is addicting!! I tried to start Game of Thrones but that’s a show I gotta pay more attention to and I usually do two things at the time so that hasn’t worked out yet…

  2. I live in Atlanta, so watching Season 1 was amazing. It’s crazy to see sections of the city that are “empty.” Also, they couldn’t film the real CDC building, so they used the Cobb Energy Center, which I drive by to go to work every day! It always reminds me of this show. 😀

  3. I’m very girly too, but one of my clients told me about this show and I checked it out! Now my son and I just finished Season 3 (I bought the entire season 3 from Amazon). It only gets better! Wait until you get to know Michonne, she’s one of my favorite characters!!!!

      • Season 3 is awesome! You will love it! You will grow to love Michonne too because she is just so cool! 😀 She is very, very serious and rarely smiles, but watch for the episode where she (gasp) finds a multicolor (fake) cat and she takes it and (gasp) she actually SMILES! Haha! Let me know when you get to Season 3!!

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