My Queensday 2013

I’ve been slacking on my blog. Last week I had finals and this week a friend of mine from Mexico stays at my house, so I don’t really have the time to post. I’m sorry 😉

April 30th: Queensday in the Netherlands. It’s a national holiday and everyone dresses in orange. There are flee markets everywhere and you can basically hop from party to party. It’s one of my favorite holidays since it’s like the only time the Dutch are showing some kind of nationalism.

I posted about the Kingsday Festival in Amsterdam before, the party my friends Isis, Puck, Fabian, Merlin, Alberto and I were gonna go to.

I woke up in Delft and was gonna meet Alberto in Schiedam. Alberto is a friend of mine who I met in Mexico during my internship 1,5 year ago. He’s been studying and living in Montpellier and decided to travel around Europe for a while. Of course he could stay at my house and it is amazing to see someone back after such a long time. It was so cool for him that he could enjoy this typical Dutch holiday. So if you ever wanna go to the Netherlands you should go around the end of April!

The Kingsdayfestival… It was nice! I had a lot of fun because of my friends but the festival itself wasn’t that good. The music wasn’t loud enough and worse: They ran out of food. How? Yeah good question. Besides safety and drinks, food is one of the most important things at a festival. The party started at 11 am and was gonna go on till 10:30 pm. We arrived around 3 and really wanted to eat something around 7. Wasn’t gonna happen. We decided to stay for a lil longer and then left early.

I guess the music was good. I don’t like squeezing myself into the crowd so I relaxed in the sunshine. The party itself was nice; no incidents. I had a lot of fun and so did my friends, but next year Imma go to a different party (:


3 comments on “My Queensday 2013

  1. That looks like fun! Thanks for the April tip. I’ve always loved the Netherlands. I even dated a guy from there (he lives here in the US). Great pictures!

    • It is!! But during summertime there are enough festivals to go to, just make sure you’re not going in those rainy blah months!
      Dutch guys are nice huh 😉 Weird, but nice!

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