Bye Bye Queen Bea, Hello King Will!

The Dutch don’t really show any kind of nationalism except on Queen’s day and when the national soccer team plays. Queen’s day is one of my favorite holidays. We all dress up in orange, our national color, and enjoy the day off. This year I went to the Kingsday Festival in Amsterdam. Yes, Kingsday. Because for the first time since 1890 the Dutch kingdom will be ruled by a king!! King Willem-Alexander is the firstborn son of our former queen Beatrix. He’s married to the beautiful Queen Máxima. Together they have three cute daughters: Amalia, Alexia and Ariane.

Beatrix ruled for 33 years. She’s 75 years old so I think she should start enjoying her life.
I really like Willem-Alexander. He’s more modern than his mother and seems so friendly towards the people!
He’s not very handsome but the argentinean Máxima is beautiful enough for the both of them 😉

I’m sure our King and Queen will do a great job together. At least they make a nice couple.
Here are some pictures of the Queen’s/King’s/Coronation day:


3 comments on “Bye Bye Queen Bea, Hello King Will!

  1. Congrats on your new King and Queen! Queen Maxima is lovely and so is her entire family. They appear to be a very happy couple, at least from the videos I’ve seen with both of them. Look at her blue dress! Wow! She looks so regal! 😀

  2. You are lucky, we could not make it to Amsterdam that day… We love queen’s day, now king’s day, we were in 1″Amsterdam 2 years ago for it… We ll hopefully Côme next year for it.

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