The Hangover part III – Movie Review

Last week I went to the movies with one of my best friends Brian. I really wanted to see The Hangover part III and after a nice dinner made by Brian we went to the new movie theater in the city we live in: Vlaardingen.

I think most people have seen at least one Hangover movie. I mean, even my parents have. I totally love the first movie but the second one didn’t really entertain me, so I was kinda sceptic about this third part. But: THE MOVIE IS AMAZING!!

What’s it about? Phil, Stu, Doug, and Alan have been friends for a very long time and of course (as you can see in The Hangover I & II) they have experienced some stuff together they can only share with each other since it’s just too incredible.  “The Wolfpack” (Phil, Stu, Doug and Alan) is kinda falling apart after all the things they had to go through because they don’t want more drama. However, drama seems to be their middle names. After the death of Alan’s father the Wolfpack and Alan’s family convince Alan to go to rehab because he’s been out of control. Phil, Stu and Doug promise to take him to the rehab in Arizona; a long and quiet trip until they get kidnapped. Mob leader Marshall tells them that Leslie Chow, the creator of drama, escaped from prison. Apparently Chow stole Marshall’s gold, which is worth $21 million and Phil, Stu and Alan have to get it back. If they don’t find the gold and Mr. Chow within 3 days Doug will be killed. Against everybody’s expectations (they should’ve known better though) Alan still communicates with Chow every now and then and he sets up a meeting with the fugitive. And that’s the beginning of a freaking funny movie. THEY’RE GOING BACK TO LAS VEGAS!

I’m not gonna tell more about the story, because you just gotta see it! It’s hilarious.
‘C’est domage’ that Doug doesn’t really appear in the adventure but I didn’t really miss him. Mr. Chow is my all time favorite. He is so sneaky and funny at the same time. How can you hate a guy who jumps completely high off Caesar’s Palace with a parachute?
In the beginning there’s this cute giraffe and later on 2 dogs and some roosters. Well, let’s just say that if you’re an animal lover you just gotta close your eyes a couple of times.

I can’t believe this is the last The Hangover movie. I think they could’ve done a better job promoting the movie in The Netherlands. I just don’t want it to be over :p.
I still love The Hangover I the most, but this movie really is a badass finale!

I’d give this movie a 9 out of 10. I freaking love it!

Brian & Me


Happy Birthday Up There <3

Do you believe in heaven? Or in reincarnation? Or do you just think it’s over when we’re gone? There’s just one thing I’m really scared of and that’s death. I can’t really talk about it. It freaks me out. I don’t like the idea of not knowing where I’ll go or where the people I love are now they’re not here anymore.

Today it’s Tyler’s birthday. When I lived in Florida for my exchange he was one of the people I trusted and loved. There weren’t many people who were actually straight and honest with me. Most people just thought it was cool to hang out with the blonde exchange student. Tyler had very deep thoughts. He certainly was one of those special guys who don’t just accept the way things go but really think about it.

Until Tyler’s dead I had never really experienced anything bad in my life. I still can’t believe he’s gone. I’m not looking forward to visiting Florida anymore, because it’s gonna be so weird not being able to see him.

But, today I don’t cry. I celebrate. I celebrate the fact I got the opportunity to spent time with an amazing guy. I wish he had grown older. I don’t believe in heaven nor in reincarnation. I’m one of those people who think it all ends after death. But since Tyler died I really wish there’s something better. I like to think that he’s not completely gone. And that he’s rocking his day up there, wherever ‘there’ might be.

Have a heavenly birthday TV!



The poem I wrote for Tyler: –>here<–

Four Days Marches

There’s this thing in Holland where people (mostly kids and elderly in wheelchairs) are marching (or rolling xD) 4 evenings in a row. We call it ‘de avondvierdaagse’ which won’t make any sense to most you guys but I still wanted to mention it :p. Maybe it’s an international thing, I don’t know. What I do know is that I envy the kids who are joining this event. Most elementary schools participate and mine never did. I joined like 2 or 3 times but never really enjoyed it. Most elementary schools let their kids sell stamps for charity as well. Of course my elementary school didn’t. You can tell I’m traumatized?

Anyway, my little cousin Justin joined the Four Days Marches with his soccer team. The last evening is kinda big with music and stuff, so I decided to go and watch the kids. They are adorable. I love kids. Especially when they’re all excited and waiting for the candy and flowers the get from their family because they did such a good job joining the marches. I’m practicing taking pictures of ‘moving elements’ but I suck. Still, I liked the expressions on the faces of the kids. A friend of my father runs the digital newspaper of the city I’m living in (Vlaardingen) and he posted some. (–> link link link <–)

They’re not fantastic but here are some of the pics I took last Thursday:

Single Life Solution #.01 Head Massage!

I always thought of myself as a relationship-girl but after being single for almost 2 years now I’m starting to doubt that. To make your single life a little better I made a list of solutions for your problems. Because as a single chick or dude you can’t deny you’re missing out on some things.

Today part one: The Head Massage

Craving a head massage? Just buy a head scratcher! Might feel weird in the beginning and I won’t deny there’s nothing better than the guy I like going through my hair, but he…it’s something and it’s good! Just put the scratcher on top of your head and move it up and down. Still don’t know what I’m talking about? I even took pictures & made a video for you!

Scratch it


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

I realize how fast time goes by when there’s a new weekly photo challenge. I’m always looking forward to this challenge, because it gives me a good reason to go through my favorite photo album: My trip through Mexico. I did my internship in Oaxaca – Mexico in 2011 and ever since I can’t stop thinking about this amazing country and it’s wonderful people. I love using my Mexico pictures, because they all have a special meaning to me and I remember every single moment.

Picture uno: I sat in the bus to Puerto Escondido playing with my camera when I saw this cute couple. I caught them giving each other a quick kiss. Just too cute!

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido

Picture dos: Puerto Escondido has one of the best surfing beaches in da world! Of course I wanted to scratch ‘surfing’ off my bucket list so I took a lesson. I’m not a pro. Not even a talent. This is just a lucky picture of me being able to keep standing up for more than 10 seconds. But I loved it!

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido

Picture tres: Of course I visited Zócalo (Plaza de la Constitución) when I was in Mexico City. The Zócalo in Mexico City is 57,600 metres² (240 m × 240 m) and one of the largest city squares in the world. It is beautiful and really nice to walk around. I saw these people having a quick lunch. Only the dad noticed me, right at the moment I took the picture.

Mexico City

Mexico City

Picture cuatro: I like to show more pictures of my Dutch life. I took this picture in Schiedam for my photography course last year. I love that even though all objects are blurry,  you can still see everything.

Schiedam - The Netherlands

Schiedam – The Netherlands

Let me know what you think if you want to (: Thanks and good luck on this challenge!

Ladiesrun Rotterdam. I DID IT!!!

Today was a super special day for me: I ran the 5 km Ladiesrun Rotterdam, which I wrote about two months ago. Over the last months I’ve become more interested in running and I actually started to like the workout. The weather in Holland sucks like 80% of the year and this week it started to be freaking hot. Fortunately today was kinda cloudy so the weather was perfect for a lil run!

My goal was:  34:30 min
I ran the 5 km in: 29:44 min

Mission accomplished 😀

I felt super excited and nervous because I actually never really run 5 km before, but as soon as I started running today I felt really good. My friend Rory sent me a trance music album which I listened to while running and I used my Endomondo app to see how much time I had left.

My mom joined the run as well and ran it in 34 min and 44. I’m very proud of her!!

I loved the fact almost all ladies wore pink, it must’ve looked amazing! Sometimes I got a lil annoyed because the girls in front of me slowed down and at a certain moment the path was too small to pass them, but I’m still very happy with the result and I had a great day.

My dad and best friend Matthijs came to watch (they didn’t watch us running, they just went inside and drank a beer… oh well….lol). I’ll keep up the running and I’m pretty sure I’ll join next year’s Ladiesrun too!!! 🙂 And for now? Tired. Just fucking tired!

Modern Family

I think most of y’all know about the hilarious series Modern Family. I follow so many series but lately I haven’t watched anything but Modern Family. It’s perfect for me since every episode only takes about 20 minutes. It’s so funny and if you haven’t started watching it then get your ass over to pirate bay NOW!!

Modern Family is about 3 households, all part of the Prichett family.
House 1:  Jay Prichett. He’s the father of Claire and Mitchell and lives with his beautiful second wife Gloria and her son Manny. Gloria is a real Latina from Colombia; very passionate and loud but above all she’s smoking hot and very kind. Manny is a smart kid that likes to act all grown up.

House 2: Claire and her dorky hubby Phil. Phil is a real estate agent who tries to be the coolest dad in town, while Claire stays at home and tries to keep the family together. They have 3 children: the popular Haley, nerdy Alex and ‘different’ Luke.

House 3: Mitchell and his boyfriend Cameron live with their adopted daughter from Vietnam: Lilly. Even though Mitchell and Cam are both very feminine, Cam is obviously the ‘lady’ in their relationship. Mitchell is a lawyer and Cam is an ex-clown who now stays at home and takes care of Lilly.

Ok. So now the family is complete. The way of producing is really fun. Every now and then the characters talk to ‘you’ about some of the events. It’s so funny when they say how they actually meant something while they said it completely different.

I think we can all identify us with one of the households, since they are modern but normal families (with a lot of money, that might be the little difference).

Every character has its charms:
Jay: He’s old and a little bit grumpy but he loves is family and wife and really sees many as his own son. When he argues with Gloria about her Colombian habits: Fenomenal!
Gloria: She’s amazing. The way she pronounces English words is just hilarious. Her loud voice and stunning appearance make it hard to not look at the screen. She is a real family woman.
Manny: He’s a little weird. He’s like 13 years old now (season 3) but he usually acts like a 30 year old. He’s into girls and being himself. One of the good ones. Sometimes he does stupid things because Gloria will always tell him everything he does is simply amazing.
Claire: I don’t really like Claire. She’s neurotic and frustrated and I don’t like what she’s doing with her life. She makes issues out of stupid little things and doesn’t seem to realize how pretty she is. As long as her family’s there she’s happy.
Phil: The funny guy. He wants to be the most amazing dad in the world and tries to be a good husband. He’s very dorky but his son seems to understand him.
Haley: Little Miss Popular. She didn’t seem to care too much about college because she’s been too busy with her popularity. Being popular means everything to her.
Alex: I like Alex a lot. She’s very smart and nerdy and doesn’t care about the opinion of others about her looks.
Luke: Cute little Luke. He is so random and weird but totally makes the family rock! His best friend is his 80 year old neighbor but lately he’s getting closer to Manny.
Mitchell: Mitchell is… Well I can’t really describe Mitchell. He’s a ginger and appropriate and cares a lot about the opinion of others.
Cam: A drama queen, period
Lilly: Just cute.

I’m almost done watching season 3 and I’ve already downloaded some episodes of season 4 because I really can’t go a day without watching Modern Family. While deciding what to wear or cleaning your room you can watch it because it’s not a big drama if you’re missing out on a scene. But it’s still entertaining to watch when you’re lying down in bed.

This is THE perfect show to watch whenever you have time. But beware! An episode only takes 20 minutes but before you know it you’re watching 6 episodes in a row!

Modern Family

My Exchange to the USA, part V

Last time I wrote about my first day in the USA and now it’s time to continue the story!

I started my second day in our pool. It was amazing to have a pool in my back yard, because hardly anyone in Holland have it since it’s expensive and the weather sucks most of the time. I started this self-made workout program in my pool which I was gonna do every day for the rest of the year. I guess I did it like 6 times… After my workout session my host-aunt Cindy took her daughter Jessica, Sandy and me to the mall in Orlando. I honestly thought my new cousin was pregnant but she wasn’t. She was just a lil big (think; fair round belly). So first we went to this place called Sweet Tomatoes and I totally loved it. It’s a salad bar where you can also eat a lot of pizza and ice cream and soup etc. Unfortunately nobody else really liked it so I never returned.

The shopping session was great. I looooved the big mall. My second day was actually a good day. I started to like America.

The next day I spent in bed because I felt sick. It was burning hot outside but with all the air conditioning I caught a cold. I never realized I could be freezing cold while it’s like 86 degrees outside.

Some things that caught my attention those days:
– Most ppl drive big cars
–  Most ppl don’t let their dogs out more often than twice a day = poop and pie in las casas.
– When you buy smth the price on the tag doesn’t include tax. So when I got all excited and went to the counter to pay for my scarf I was so proud I’d counted the coins myself. I felt like a real American with my dollar money.  Until that awkward moment I had to pay more than I just took out of my wallet bc of the tax and decided to just use my debit card to make the situation less embarrassing. It wasn’t that bad, but at the time I felt so stupid ;p.

That’s it for now. Next time more. I really enjoy writing about my high school year. It’s been almost 3 years since I left! Time flies too fast.

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TV is Up


I wrote this poem for a friend of mine: Tyler. His initials were T.V. and he used to post things like TV is Up. He still makes me smile when I think of him (:

Thinking about you hurts
When I realize you’re gone
I don’t believe in heaven
So that means for you it’s done 

Being gone does not mean
I can’t see you in my head
I’m sleeping with a smile
But I wake up sad

Your smile, your thoughts, you being there
It has all come to an end
A great person loved by so many people
A joker, a thinker, a friend            

 You’ll never be forgotten
Of course we’ll always care
Now our TV is up
Up above us. Up, up there.