Modern Family

I think most of y’all know about the hilarious series Modern Family. I follow so many series but lately I haven’t watched anything but Modern Family. It’s perfect for me since every episode only takes about 20 minutes. It’s so funny and if you haven’t started watching it then get your ass over to pirate bay NOW!!

Modern Family is about 3 households, all part of the Prichett family.
House 1:  Jay Prichett. He’s the father of Claire and Mitchell and lives with his beautiful second wife Gloria and her son Manny. Gloria is a real Latina from Colombia; very passionate and loud but above all she’s smoking hot and very kind. Manny is a smart kid that likes to act all grown up.

House 2: Claire and her dorky hubby Phil. Phil is a real estate agent who tries to be the coolest dad in town, while Claire stays at home and tries to keep the family together. They have 3 children: the popular Haley, nerdy Alex and ‘different’ Luke.

House 3: Mitchell and his boyfriend Cameron live with their adopted daughter from Vietnam: Lilly. Even though Mitchell and Cam are both very feminine, Cam is obviously the ‘lady’ in their relationship. Mitchell is a lawyer and Cam is an ex-clown who now stays at home and takes care of Lilly.

Ok. So now the family is complete. The way of producing is really fun. Every now and then the characters talk to ‘you’ about some of the events. It’s so funny when they say how they actually meant something while they said it completely different.

I think we can all identify us with one of the households, since they are modern but normal families (with a lot of money, that might be the little difference).

Every character has its charms:
Jay: He’s old and a little bit grumpy but he loves is family and wife and really sees many as his own son. When he argues with Gloria about her Colombian habits: Fenomenal!
Gloria: She’s amazing. The way she pronounces English words is just hilarious. Her loud voice and stunning appearance make it hard to not look at the screen. She is a real family woman.
Manny: He’s a little weird. He’s like 13 years old now (season 3) but he usually acts like a 30 year old. He’s into girls and being himself. One of the good ones. Sometimes he does stupid things because Gloria will always tell him everything he does is simply amazing.
Claire: I don’t really like Claire. She’s neurotic and frustrated and I don’t like what she’s doing with her life. She makes issues out of stupid little things and doesn’t seem to realize how pretty she is. As long as her family’s there she’s happy.
Phil: The funny guy. He wants to be the most amazing dad in the world and tries to be a good husband. He’s very dorky but his son seems to understand him.
Haley: Little Miss Popular. She didn’t seem to care too much about college because she’s been too busy with her popularity. Being popular means everything to her.
Alex: I like Alex a lot. She’s very smart and nerdy and doesn’t care about the opinion of others about her looks.
Luke: Cute little Luke. He is so random and weird but totally makes the family rock! His best friend is his 80 year old neighbor but lately he’s getting closer to Manny.
Mitchell: Mitchell is… Well I can’t really describe Mitchell. He’s a ginger and appropriate and cares a lot about the opinion of others.
Cam: A drama queen, period
Lilly: Just cute.

I’m almost done watching season 3 and I’ve already downloaded some episodes of season 4 because I really can’t go a day without watching Modern Family. While deciding what to wear or cleaning your room you can watch it because it’s not a big drama if you’re missing out on a scene. But it’s still entertaining to watch when you’re lying down in bed.

This is THE perfect show to watch whenever you have time. But beware! An episode only takes 20 minutes but before you know it you’re watching 6 episodes in a row!

Modern Family


6 comments on “Modern Family

    • Omg I quit The Walking Dead. I’m halfway season 2 but I couldn’t stop watching Modern Family -_- Just a few episodes left (I’m watching season 4 now) and then it’s time for TWD again!! Don’t tell anything!

      • Haha, I won’t! I’ve heard Game of Thrones is really good, so I’ll have to start all the way in the beginning with that one! 🙂 The new photo challenge is challenging!! Fleeting! It seems to get harder and harder with every post, hahahahaha!

      • Mhhh idk, I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones and I didn’t like it at all but maybe I just gotta watch it by myself and give it another shot. I’ll look the new challenge up tomorrow. I got the same feeling btw, it really does seem to get harder 😐 X

  1. I am one who has never heard of the show ‘Modern Family’. I watch very little TV. However, based on your recomendation I will give it a try. Do I get my money back if I don’t like it? =)

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