Ladiesrun Rotterdam. I DID IT!!!

Today was a super special day for me: I ran the 5 km Ladiesrun Rotterdam, which I wrote about two months ago. Over the last months I’ve become more interested in running and I actually started to like the workout. The weather in Holland sucks like 80% of the year and this week it started to be freaking hot. Fortunately today was kinda cloudy so the weather was perfect for a lil run!

My goal was:  34:30 min
I ran the 5 km in: 29:44 min

Mission accomplished 😀

I felt super excited and nervous because I actually never really run 5 km before, but as soon as I started running today I felt really good. My friend Rory sent me a trance music album which I listened to while running and I used my Endomondo app to see how much time I had left.

My mom joined the run as well and ran it in 34 min and 44. I’m very proud of her!!

I loved the fact almost all ladies wore pink, it must’ve looked amazing! Sometimes I got a lil annoyed because the girls in front of me slowed down and at a certain moment the path was too small to pass them, but I’m still very happy with the result and I had a great day.

My dad and best friend Matthijs came to watch (they didn’t watch us running, they just went inside and drank a beer… oh well….lol). I’ll keep up the running and I’m pretty sure I’ll join next year’s Ladiesrun too!!! 🙂 And for now? Tired. Just fucking tired!


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