New Job: Reporter for Omroep Vlaardingen

I’m obviously into writing, but I never convinced my parents that I wanted to study journalism. Instead my dad said I had to study something less specific, so that’s what I did. I’m almost finished with my studies Hotel- and Eventmanagement at Tio University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam. In a couple of months I’ll have Bachelor in Business Administration. And then? Well, then I want to take some time to develop myself  in journalism. A friend of mine is responsible for the local TV channel. Everyone who works there works as a volunteer, including me now, but I can honestly say I’ve already learned a lot and there’s so much more to learn I almost burst of excitement! I love working together with the other ambitious people at Omroep Vlaardingen. They work there because they love doing it, not because they have to. It takes up some of my time and my parents are kinda worried about my thesis (which I’m supposed to write these months) but there’s no need to worry, I just do what I really like!

I’ve done 3 items so far. The one below is my first item about a business centre. The second item was about a free photo shoot for kids. And the last one was kinda spontaneous and totally my own idea, but therefore even more fun.
Coming up: There are 3 weekends in Vlaardingen (that’s the name of the city I live in) where there’s a kinda festival (called ‘het Zomerterras’). I’m gonna make four items about ‘het Zomerterras’ and I have total freedom of making it! I’m very excited because for me it’s kinda huge, but I’m sure I’ll be able to make it work!

This year I will try to write as much as possible, make nice items for the local channel and do what makes me happy (:
If you have any advices or ideas, please let them know. I can use all kinds of help!


The YouTube video is in Dutch but I thought it was fun to post it 🙂


Where I’ve been

I haven’t posted anything lately, because I was too busy doing other things… No excuses, just very lazy!

I went to Egypt with my mom and had a great week! To Belgium to visit an old friend who was getting married. To the beach with my cousin and had a sleepover with my friend Isis. I went to the Metropolis Festival in Rotterdam where I got my Cookie Monster airbrush tattoo xD. To a kinda festival in the city Schiedam with my friend and 3 of her 4 adorable kids. I started a new job: Reporter for the local tv channel. My best friend Matthijs got his first apartment so we’ve been working there to make it look good and: I GOT MY VERY FIRST MOTORCYCLE. My life’s been so good this month. I’ll post more about the most important events but for now some pictures of this month. I’m back!

Egypt with my mom

Egypt with my mom

My Honda Rebel

My Honda Rebel

Belgium with Lorenzo

Belgium with Lorenzo


Metropolis Festival Rotterdam

Metropolis Festival Rotterdam

Hoek van Holland

Hoek van Holland

Beach with Isis

Beach with Isis

My bf's house

Matt’s house

First time as a reporter

First time as a reporter

Happy Birthday Up There <3

Do you believe in heaven? Or in reincarnation? Or do you just think it’s over when we’re gone? There’s just one thing I’m really scared of and that’s death. I can’t really talk about it. It freaks me out. I don’t like the idea of not knowing where I’ll go or where the people I love are now they’re not here anymore.

Today it’s Tyler’s birthday. When I lived in Florida for my exchange he was one of the people I trusted and loved. There weren’t many people who were actually straight and honest with me. Most people just thought it was cool to hang out with the blonde exchange student. Tyler had very deep thoughts. He certainly was one of those special guys who don’t just accept the way things go but really think about it.

Until Tyler’s dead I had never really experienced anything bad in my life. I still can’t believe he’s gone. I’m not looking forward to visiting Florida anymore, because it’s gonna be so weird not being able to see him.

But, today I don’t cry. I celebrate. I celebrate the fact I got the opportunity to spent time with an amazing guy. I wish he had grown older. I don’t believe in heaven nor in reincarnation. I’m one of those people who think it all ends after death. But since Tyler died I really wish there’s something better. I like to think that he’s not completely gone. And that he’s rocking his day up there, wherever ‘there’ might be.

Have a heavenly birthday TV!



The poem I wrote for Tyler: –>here<–

Four Days Marches

There’s this thing in Holland where people (mostly kids and elderly in wheelchairs) are marching (or rolling xD) 4 evenings in a row. We call it ‘de avondvierdaagse’ which won’t make any sense to most you guys but I still wanted to mention it :p. Maybe it’s an international thing, I don’t know. What I do know is that I envy the kids who are joining this event. Most elementary schools participate and mine never did. I joined like 2 or 3 times but never really enjoyed it. Most elementary schools let their kids sell stamps for charity as well. Of course my elementary school didn’t. You can tell I’m traumatized?

Anyway, my little cousin Justin joined the Four Days Marches with his soccer team. The last evening is kinda big with music and stuff, so I decided to go and watch the kids. They are adorable. I love kids. Especially when they’re all excited and waiting for the candy and flowers the get from their family because they did such a good job joining the marches. I’m practicing taking pictures of ‘moving elements’ but I suck. Still, I liked the expressions on the faces of the kids. A friend of my father runs the digital newspaper of the city I’m living in (Vlaardingen) and he posted some. (–> link link link <–)

They’re not fantastic but here are some of the pics I took last Thursday:

Ladiesrun Rotterdam. I DID IT!!!

Today was a super special day for me: I ran the 5 km Ladiesrun Rotterdam, which I wrote about two months ago. Over the last months I’ve become more interested in running and I actually started to like the workout. The weather in Holland sucks like 80% of the year and this week it started to be freaking hot. Fortunately today was kinda cloudy so the weather was perfect for a lil run!

My goal was:  34:30 min
I ran the 5 km in: 29:44 min

Mission accomplished 😀

I felt super excited and nervous because I actually never really run 5 km before, but as soon as I started running today I felt really good. My friend Rory sent me a trance music album which I listened to while running and I used my Endomondo app to see how much time I had left.

My mom joined the run as well and ran it in 34 min and 44. I’m very proud of her!!

I loved the fact almost all ladies wore pink, it must’ve looked amazing! Sometimes I got a lil annoyed because the girls in front of me slowed down and at a certain moment the path was too small to pass them, but I’m still very happy with the result and I had a great day.

My dad and best friend Matthijs came to watch (they didn’t watch us running, they just went inside and drank a beer… oh well….lol). I’ll keep up the running and I’m pretty sure I’ll join next year’s Ladiesrun too!!! 🙂 And for now? Tired. Just fucking tired!

My Exchange to the USA, part V

Last time I wrote about my first day in the USA and now it’s time to continue the story!

I started my second day in our pool. It was amazing to have a pool in my back yard, because hardly anyone in Holland have it since it’s expensive and the weather sucks most of the time. I started this self-made workout program in my pool which I was gonna do every day for the rest of the year. I guess I did it like 6 times… After my workout session my host-aunt Cindy took her daughter Jessica, Sandy and me to the mall in Orlando. I honestly thought my new cousin was pregnant but she wasn’t. She was just a lil big (think; fair round belly). So first we went to this place called Sweet Tomatoes and I totally loved it. It’s a salad bar where you can also eat a lot of pizza and ice cream and soup etc. Unfortunately nobody else really liked it so I never returned.

The shopping session was great. I looooved the big mall. My second day was actually a good day. I started to like America.

The next day I spent in bed because I felt sick. It was burning hot outside but with all the air conditioning I caught a cold. I never realized I could be freezing cold while it’s like 86 degrees outside.

Some things that caught my attention those days:
– Most ppl drive big cars
–  Most ppl don’t let their dogs out more often than twice a day = poop and pie in las casas.
– When you buy smth the price on the tag doesn’t include tax. So when I got all excited and went to the counter to pay for my scarf I was so proud I’d counted the coins myself. I felt like a real American with my dollar money.  Until that awkward moment I had to pay more than I just took out of my wallet bc of the tax and decided to just use my debit card to make the situation less embarrassing. It wasn’t that bad, but at the time I felt so stupid ;p.

That’s it for now. Next time more. I really enjoy writing about my high school year. It’s been almost 3 years since I left! Time flies too fast.

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Bye Bye Queen Bea, Hello King Will!

The Dutch don’t really show any kind of nationalism except on Queen’s day and when the national soccer team plays. Queen’s day is one of my favorite holidays. We all dress up in orange, our national color, and enjoy the day off. This year I went to the Kingsday Festival in Amsterdam. Yes, Kingsday. Because for the first time since 1890 the Dutch kingdom will be ruled by a king!! King Willem-Alexander is the firstborn son of our former queen Beatrix. He’s married to the beautiful Queen Máxima. Together they have three cute daughters: Amalia, Alexia and Ariane.

Beatrix ruled for 33 years. She’s 75 years old so I think she should start enjoying her life.
I really like Willem-Alexander. He’s more modern than his mother and seems so friendly towards the people!
He’s not very handsome but the argentinean Máxima is beautiful enough for the both of them 😉

I’m sure our King and Queen will do a great job together. At least they make a nice couple.
Here are some pictures of the Queen’s/King’s/Coronation day:

My Queensday 2013

I’ve been slacking on my blog. Last week I had finals and this week a friend of mine from Mexico stays at my house, so I don’t really have the time to post. I’m sorry 😉

April 30th: Queensday in the Netherlands. It’s a national holiday and everyone dresses in orange. There are flee markets everywhere and you can basically hop from party to party. It’s one of my favorite holidays since it’s like the only time the Dutch are showing some kind of nationalism.

I posted about the Kingsday Festival in Amsterdam before, the party my friends Isis, Puck, Fabian, Merlin, Alberto and I were gonna go to.

I woke up in Delft and was gonna meet Alberto in Schiedam. Alberto is a friend of mine who I met in Mexico during my internship 1,5 year ago. He’s been studying and living in Montpellier and decided to travel around Europe for a while. Of course he could stay at my house and it is amazing to see someone back after such a long time. It was so cool for him that he could enjoy this typical Dutch holiday. So if you ever wanna go to the Netherlands you should go around the end of April!

The Kingsdayfestival… It was nice! I had a lot of fun because of my friends but the festival itself wasn’t that good. The music wasn’t loud enough and worse: They ran out of food. How? Yeah good question. Besides safety and drinks, food is one of the most important things at a festival. The party started at 11 am and was gonna go on till 10:30 pm. We arrived around 3 and really wanted to eat something around 7. Wasn’t gonna happen. We decided to stay for a lil longer and then left early.

I guess the music was good. I don’t like squeezing myself into the crowd so I relaxed in the sunshine. The party itself was nice; no incidents. I had a lot of fun and so did my friends, but next year Imma go to a different party (:

My Exchange to the USA, part IV

You know when you’re freaking excited for something. Like the beyond excited kinda excitement? That you actually wanna keep talking and bite people just to get your mind off things? Well, that’s what I was like when I finally jumped in that plane and flew from Amsterdam to Orlando for a once in a lifetime experience.

Like I said before, my arrival in Orlando wasn’t as I expected. Call me naïve, I know I am, but I believed every crap I saw in Mean Girls. American movies made me wanna go to the States, to be part of the perfect life I thought I was looking for. And then I was there. No ‘welcome home’ banner, no cupcakes. Only big people and a huge tv.

I like exaggerating. I don’t do it on purpose, it just feels natural. However, my amount of self-knowledge is sky high. But in this case you just gotta believe me; some things were actually bad. I woke up the next morning in my new town: Saint Cloud, a lil shitty place close to Orlando – Florida. The dog pie was still on the floor and the stains were still on the furniture, but the sun was shining and that just made me feel happy. The fact we went to Pizza Hut might’ve made my first day in the US a whole lot better too.

After I had breakfast (cornflakes, ugh) I got (over)dressed and we went to something that Americans call a yard sale. You gotta understand; in Holland we don’t do that kinda stuff. We may go to flee markets, which we like to call ‘trash markets’, but we’re not gonna sell a bunch of old dusty stuff in our yard. At the same moment I experienced my first yard sale, I met a cowboy for the first time too. I didn’t know there were still people alive that thought of themselves as cowboys, but evidently there are and a lot of them like being in Shitty Saint Cloud. The cowboy tried to hook me up with his cowboy grandson. Although he couldn’t sell us any junk nor get his boy a date, he remained smiling.

“Hiiii my name is Kelly and if you need anything just let me knooooooow 😀 😀 😀 :D” Pizza Hut and also the first ‘restaurant’ I went to. I was in shock when the waitress told me her name. Again, we don’t do that in Holland. I though this girl was on drugs or whatever because she almost danced around while giving us her fake white smile. Apparently Americans like that kinda stuff and give more tips. It’s either that or showing your ass and boobs as a waitress in Hooters or whatever tiny-dressed-waitress-place you like. I guess Kelly chose right.

Another big deal was the ice tea. I got so excited when Kelly told me they had it.(excited is my favorite English word since I called my host mom a week before my exchange and she asked me 12 times in 1 minute if I was excited. I assumed it was an important word). It was the first and last time I ordered ice tea in America. In Holland (gosh I sound like someone who thinks everything in Holland is better, don’t I?) we drink Lipton Ice Tea with and without carbonation, but it tastes good as hell. In fact, it’s my favorite kind of soda. In America people brew their own tea and may even add a shitload of sugar too. Ugh.

To end this exciting day we went to Wal-Mart. Wow, THE biggest supermarket I had ever seen. I couldn’t believe they even sold clothes and there were hair salons and other fancy shops inside the supermarket itself.

I went to bed after having 6 little meatballs for supper. Everything had been huge so far, except for my appetite in strange food.

Dirty furniture and a big-ass TV

Dirty furniture and a big-ass TV

p.s. Yes, I’ve allowed myself to write the way I like to write these kinda things. A lil inappropriate (:

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