TV is Up


I wrote this poem for a friend of mine: Tyler. His initials were T.V. and he used to post things like TV is Up. He still makes me smile when I think of him (:

Thinking about you hurts
When I realize you’re gone
I don’t believe in heaven
So that means for you it’s done 

Being gone does not mean
I can’t see you in my head
I’m sleeping with a smile
But I wake up sad

Your smile, your thoughts, you being there
It has all come to an end
A great person loved by so many people
A joker, a thinker, a friend            

 You’ll never be forgotten
Of course we’ll always care
Now our TV is up
Up above us. Up, up there.



Perfect Life

Yes I am smiling.
Can’t you see how happy I am?
I’m living the perfect life.
I got no reason to be sad.
No reason to cry, to scream, to hurt myself.
I’m living the perfect life.
Fuck my life.
I hate myself, my world, the way everyone is.
I hate my perfect life.
I’m alone.
I can scream if I want to, no-one will notice.
They think I’m living the perfect life.


*I set the shutter really low so I was able to move in the picture (it’s just one shot).

Ode to the one


You are the light that
Shines upon my face
From the moment I wake up
You pull me through the day
The days, which once were dark,
You have faded them away
You let me be me
And I,
I let you stay.

This poem is about a person who can’t find love. When he finally finds someone that likes him just the way he is, he decides this should be the person he’ll ‘love’ because he’s sick of looking for real love.

When I was young I was addicted to writing and reading poems. For the last years I haven’t written anything at all, except for this one a couple of months ago. Because of Shane’s blog I’m becoming more interested in poems again.