Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

So… This sucks! I always use pictures I really like for this challenge, but from above? Pfooo, tough shit!
I did find two pics that I kinda like… I took them in Leeds – England last year. I don’t really remember what kinda building I stood on, I guess a church or something. What I do remember are those stairs. Fkkk, my poor little legs could hardly bear the climb.

Anyways, my entry for this week isn’t really exciting. I guess I should go out more often and take pictures especially for this challenge. Maybe I will.




Abbey Tongerlo

I’m not religious. I think you may call me an atheist. But I’m a curious atheist and willing to experience almost everything! So when my dad and I agreed how cool it would be to stay in a monastery my mom decided to surprise us by taking us to Abbey Tongerlo in Belgium.

I was surprised by the beauty of the abbey, which I’ll show you later this week. Now I just wanna tell about the room…
There are two kinds of guest rooms: Student Rooms and Normal Rooms. My parents stayed in a large Normal Room which was really nice. The furniture was old but well maintained and it looked like rooms you see in old movies. I stayed in a single Normal Room. It was simple but nice: a bed, armchair, table, dressing table, closet and another chair. But it was good. No TV, no radio, no wi-fi. Nothing like my normal life at all. The hallways were very cold but our rooms were warm and cozy. Β The gate closed at 10 pm every night. Since it was my dad’s birthday my parents went out for a drink, but I felt sick and stayed in where I read for hours. It was so good to be able to read without texting or checking my mail every now and then.

The rooms are so quiet. No noise at all. During the day you’ll here the church bells but that’s about it. Apparently many students who are living in the area come to the abbey because they can concentrate without being distracted.

I really liked spending time in my room, even though we didn’t come just to sit and relax.

Like I said, I’ll post more about my weekend later, but for now two self portraits that I took while sitting in the windowsill. Sitting there made me feel like I went 100 years back in time.