New Job: Reporter for Omroep Vlaardingen

I’m obviously into writing, but I never convinced my parents that I wanted to study journalism. Instead my dad said I had to study something less specific, so that’s what I did. I’m almost finished with my studies Hotel- and Eventmanagement at Tio University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam. In a couple of months I’ll have Bachelor in Business Administration. And then? Well, then I want to take some time to develop myself  in journalism. A friend of mine is responsible for the local TV channel. Everyone who works there works as a volunteer, including me now, but I can honestly say I’ve already learned a lot and there’s so much more to learn I almost burst of excitement! I love working together with the other ambitious people at Omroep Vlaardingen. They work there because they love doing it, not because they have to. It takes up some of my time and my parents are kinda worried about my thesis (which I’m supposed to write these months) but there’s no need to worry, I just do what I really like!

I’ve done 3 items so far. The one below is my first item about a business centre. The second item was about a free photo shoot for kids. And the last one was kinda spontaneous and totally my own idea, but therefore even more fun.
Coming up: There are 3 weekends in Vlaardingen (that’s the name of the city I live in) where there’s a kinda festival (called ‘het Zomerterras’). I’m gonna make four items about ‘het Zomerterras’ and I have total freedom of making it! I’m very excited because for me it’s kinda huge, but I’m sure I’ll be able to make it work!

This year I will try to write as much as possible, make nice items for the local channel and do what makes me happy (:
If you have any advices or ideas, please let them know. I can use all kinds of help!


The YouTube video is in Dutch but I thought it was fun to post it 🙂


Everything is Family

A couple of years ago the Dutch movie “Alles is Liefde” (Everything is Love) came out and I totally loved it. I watch it at least twice a year and I was more than excited when the script writer, Kim van Kooten, wrote a new story: “Alles is Familie” (Everything is Family). I hope you’ll be able to download these movies with English subtitles even though you’ll probably don’t understand a crap of Everything is Love, since it’s about the Dutch holiday Sinterklaas. Well maybe you won’t like neither of these movies, because there’s Dutch music and stuff, but I do so I wrote a review about it 😉

I just watched everything is Family last week because I was in Barcelona when the movie came out, and surprisingly it didn’t disappoint me! Everything is Family isn’t the same at all as Everything is Love (but you know how you’re gonna compare movies when they are written by the same writer and have a similar name). I’m very proud of this Dutch piece, because it’s a total new movie that I’m not gonna delete off my Macbook!

Everything is Family is about a family struggling with some issues. The parents are in their sixties and starting to realize they’re not happy at all with their marriage. Their daughter Anouk died 2 years earlier and nobody really wants to talk about it. The handsome son Charlie is an amazing cook but doesn’t like to take any responsibilities and his brother Rutmer is very successful in the music industry and always searching for inspiration. Rutmer’s wife Winnie, played by the famous Carice van Houten, is successful as well but she wants a child. A child Rutmer can’t give her because his sperm is practically dead. And then there’s Dick, who doesn’t want to go on with his life since his wife Anouk died, but he keeps going for his two adorable children.
When the story goes on every little drama is getting more complicated but in the end everyone discovers that happiness is the key to everything, even if you’re afraid of changing your life in order to be happy.

I looooooove this movie! And Benja Bruijning (google) with curls!
It’s a typical Kim van Kooten movie produced by Joram Lürsen and I enjoyed watching it mucho!
If you’re Dutch the crew might impress you: Carice van Houten, Thijs Römer, Martina Bijl, Kees Hulst, Tjiske Reidinga, Benja Bruijning, Chris Zegers, Willeke Alberti and others!

I’d give this movie an 8 out of 10 BUT I’m not sure if people who don’t understand the language will like it as much as I did.

Alles is familie

My Favorites in Life


My Life’s been pretty perfect so far. I made a collage of the things that make it so good.

1. Laughing: The big picture in the middle is me laughing. I love to laugh! Laughing > Increase in  Endorphins > Feeling Happy (it works that way even with a fake smile!)

2. Sushi: My favorite food. Too bad it’s so freakin expensive but good things are worth paying for 🙂

3. Pink: I collect pink books. My room is pink. And if I could I’d paint this world pink. The color just makes me super happy!

4.Photography: Before I had my Nikon I used to walk around with a compact (pink) Casio. As long as I can remember Im into photography. I just love to capture moments.

5.Sun: Sunrise, sunset, the warmth.. I adore the sunlight. I’m a whole lot more fun on a sunny day.

6. Family and Friends. Friends and Family.

7. Chanel: One of my obsessions. It’s just so chic!

8.Notebooks: I collect notebooks. I love to write and make lists. And I keep a journal

9. Reading: Harry Potter is one of my favs but I read almost every genre of books. When I was young I took my little “Jip and Janneke” suitcase to the library every week again. Back then I read like 10 books a week!

10. High Heels: I really like to dress up and I’m really into high heels. “The higher the better and the sky is the limit” – my own quote 😉

11. Motorcycle & Vespa: I just got my motorcycle drivers license but I don’t have a motorcycle yet. I love to ride. My Vespa is a good alternative and brings me anywhere!

12. Traveling: LOVE LOVE LOVE! Wherever, whenever, anywhere, anytime!

13.Dutch Fastfood: Kroketten, kaassouflé, bitterballen, frikandel… Cheap and delicious!

There’s no particular order in these things. I love them and I love my life!