Happy Me – Black and White

I really love my Nikon D3100 but I’m not practicing often enough. I’m usually taking pictures of people who don’t notice it or of myself, because I’m not confident enough to practice on people posing for me yet. I’m into black and white photography. I only like a picture when the person in it doesn’t fake his or her expression. Still, when you’re modeling it’s hard to avoid posing your facial expression. These self-portraits aren’t very perfect or whatever, but I think they show that I was very happy at the time (and I still am!). The fact I just came from the beach and didn’t wear any make-up makes the pictures more ‘real’.

Don’t mind letting me know what you think.


“Just think of happy things and your heart will fly on wings […]”

– Peter Pan

When I’m feeling sad I try to think of all those things that make my life so good. And when I realize I have practically nothing to feel bad about, it really feels like my heart flies on wings (:

“Just think of …