Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

I realize how fast time goes by when there’s a new weekly photo challenge. I’m always looking forward to this challenge, because it gives me a good reason to go through my favorite photo album: My trip through Mexico. I did my internship in Oaxaca – Mexico in 2011 and ever since I can’t stop thinking about this amazing country and it’s wonderful people. I love using my Mexico pictures, because they all have a special meaning to me and I remember every single moment.

Picture uno: I sat in the bus to Puerto Escondido playing with my camera when I saw this cute couple. I caught them giving each other a quick kiss. Just too cute!

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido

Picture dos: Puerto Escondido has one of the best surfing beaches in da world! Of course I wanted to scratch ‘surfing’ off my bucket list so I took a lesson. I’m not a pro. Not even a talent. This is just a lucky picture of me being able to keep standing up for more than 10 seconds. But I loved it!

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido

Picture tres: Of course I visited Zócalo (Plaza de la Constitución) when I was in Mexico City. The Zócalo in Mexico City is 57,600 metres² (240 m × 240 m) and one of the largest city squares in the world. It is beautiful and really nice to walk around. I saw these people having a quick lunch. Only the dad noticed me, right at the moment I took the picture.

Mexico City

Mexico City

Picture cuatro: I like to show more pictures of my Dutch life. I took this picture in Schiedam for my photography course last year. I love that even though all objects are blurry,  you can still see everything.

Schiedam - The Netherlands

Schiedam – The Netherlands

Let me know what you think if you want to (: Thanks and good luck on this challenge!


TV is Up


I wrote this poem for a friend of mine: Tyler. His initials were T.V. and he used to post things like TV is Up. He still makes me smile when I think of him (:

Thinking about you hurts
When I realize you’re gone
I don’t believe in heaven
So that means for you it’s done 

Being gone does not mean
I can’t see you in my head
I’m sleeping with a smile
But I wake up sad

Your smile, your thoughts, you being there
It has all come to an end
A great person loved by so many people
A joker, a thinker, a friend            

 You’ll never be forgotten
Of course we’ll always care
Now our TV is up
Up above us. Up, up there.


Pink Princess

There are two things that I want so badly and that will never happen. In order to understand my way of thinking, it is necessary that you know these things. I’m not ashamed of them, it’s just who I am. But I certainly know it is not perfectly normal either.

Al right. First of all: I want the world to be pink. Everything. The trees, grass, houses and people. I know that this might sound weird, but try to picture it. A world of pinkness. Pink makes me happy. It makes me feel like I am in love. It makes me wanna smile. And I know not everyone feels the same way but gosh, a pink world seems just the right thing to do. I had this phase in life when like all my clothes where pink. Most girls have this phase around the age of 8 years old. I was 14. I bought pink clothes, a pink camera, I had a pink room (which by the way still is very pink) and I even started using another brand of toothpaste which I didn’t like that much, just because the toothpaste is pink.

Yep. I am an overexcited person and I am sure overexcited about pink.

The second thing you must know is that I want to be a princess. Ever since I dated my first ‘real’ boyfriend, I told him I was a princess. When he got mad I whined “But I am your princess right?” and I called myself; Princess Britt. This wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t get overexcited. Unfortunately I did. A while ago I turned 21 and even though I’m not screaming that I’m a princess anymore, at least not when anyone can hear it, I still have these weak moments. I have 2 tiaras at my house in Holland and I put them on my head every once in a while, and of course I wear them on my birthday. It is not I would like to be a real princess you know. All the formal stuff. I am way too immature for all of that. Way to active on Facebook as well. It’s just that I’m a spoiled person with a very good life and thus I feel like a princess.

Now you know. Now you know I want the world to be pink, because it makes me happy. And that I don’t have a descent reason to wanna be a princess at all.

Princess Britt of the Pink World. I’ll keep on  dreaming!
Oh, and if you ever feel like you should starting painting this world pink, don’t hesitate!
Schermafbeelding 2012-08-19 om 19.05.48

Happy Bday to my ‘Lil’ Cousin!

UntitledWoohoo! Today’s the day my lil cousin Devin turns 17! He’s finally gonna get his drivers license and I’m so proud of him! He’s getting taller by the day but he’ll always be my little cousin ❤
Happy birthday Devin! We grew up together and I hope we’ll grow old side by side as well! I love you!

Ode to the one


You are the light that
Shines upon my face
From the moment I wake up
You pull me through the day
The days, which once were dark,
You have faded them away
You let me be me
And I,
I let you stay.

This poem is about a person who can’t find love. When he finally finds someone that likes him just the way he is, he decides this should be the person he’ll ‘love’ because he’s sick of looking for real love.

When I was young I was addicted to writing and reading poems. For the last years I haven’t written anything at all, except for this one a couple of months ago. Because of Shane’s blog I’m becoming more interested in poems again.


“I am looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-eachother-love.”

– Carrie Bradshaw (SATC)

One of my favorite shows is Sex and the City. This quote by Carrie is what we all should look for. Nothing less! It’s there, you just gotta find it. And when you’ve found it; cherish it and try to keep it!

“I am looking f…

My Favorites in Life


My Life’s been pretty perfect so far. I made a collage of the things that make it so good.

1. Laughing: The big picture in the middle is me laughing. I love to laugh! Laughing > Increase in  Endorphins > Feeling Happy (it works that way even with a fake smile!)

2. Sushi: My favorite food. Too bad it’s so freakin expensive but good things are worth paying for 🙂

3. Pink: I collect pink books. My room is pink. And if I could I’d paint this world pink. The color just makes me super happy!

4.Photography: Before I had my Nikon I used to walk around with a compact (pink) Casio. As long as I can remember Im into photography. I just love to capture moments.

5.Sun: Sunrise, sunset, the warmth.. I adore the sunlight. I’m a whole lot more fun on a sunny day.

6. Family and Friends. Friends and Family.

7. Chanel: One of my obsessions. It’s just so chic!

8.Notebooks: I collect notebooks. I love to write and make lists. And I keep a journal

9. Reading: Harry Potter is one of my favs but I read almost every genre of books. When I was young I took my little “Jip and Janneke” suitcase to the library every week again. Back then I read like 10 books a week!

10. High Heels: I really like to dress up and I’m really into high heels. “The higher the better and the sky is the limit” – my own quote 😉

11. Motorcycle & Vespa: I just got my motorcycle drivers license but I don’t have a motorcycle yet. I love to ride. My Vespa is a good alternative and brings me anywhere!

12. Traveling: LOVE LOVE LOVE! Wherever, whenever, anywhere, anytime!

13.Dutch Fastfood: Kroketten, kaassouflé, bitterballen, frikandel… Cheap and delicious!

There’s no particular order in these things. I love them and I love my life!