Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Pattern. Well there’s a pattern in almost everything.
For this week’s challenge I’ve chosen pics of animals, because their skin/fur is so beautiful.

My fav? The peacock!

I took the pictures of the baby crocodiles and the turtles in Mexico when I went on an ‘eco-tour’. The baby crocodiles were crawling over each other; freaky but cool!
The turtles made a nice pattern by laying down in a circle.

The peacock, zebra, tiger and giraffe can be found in the Zoo of Barcelona. I love zoos and this one was very nice!
Oh, and the poop-picture? I thought it made a nice pattern πŸ˜‰

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

San CristΓ³bal de las Casas – Mexico

Mexico is beautiful. The people, the nature, the most simple things… The Mexican sun makes life brighter.

This little girl, (maybe 10 years old), takes care of her little brother like many children in Mexico. When she saw some friends and me eating ice cream she could not stop staring. Of course we gave her all the food that we had, and she shared it with her little brother.

I’m from a country where less isn’t more. We want it all. For me, this picture represents hope and love. For now and for the future.