About Britt

A 21-year-old life-loving girl from Holland who loves to read, travel, write, take pictures, laugh and watch movies.
I write about almost everything that interests me, so basically about too much.

Don’t care too much about others, just be your crazy self (:



15 comments on “About Britt

  1. I love everyone of those things, that is the exact same List I would create if I was to re-do my about page in a more simple & easygoing format.

    I love when I find someone who has every single one of the interests I have, It’s so awesome to meet new people who might possible end up becoming a new friend who you can relate with and talk shop when it comes to writing and photography!

    I love your blog BTW!

    Thanks for checking out my post yesterday, I can’t wait to chat with ya some more and read more of work posts!

    • Haha thanks. I would like to have a more exciting ‘About’ but I have no clue what to write since I’m kinda new here on WordPress…

      I really like that you can find so many people with common interests. Especially bc they’re from all over the world.

      Thanks for ur comment, I’m sure we’ll talk more since I love reading ur blog Shane 🙂

    • Ahw Thank you Shane! It really means a lot to me! I’m def accepting this award, although I don’t really like all the blogs I’m currently following. I’ll look carefully these days and post about the Versatile Blogger Award soon! Thanks again. I really like the other blogs you nominated btw! x (:

  2. Hey Britt, you must be real busy or something because you aren’t updating anymore. I keep coming back here looking for updates. Hope you have time to make a few more soon. Take care.

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