New Job: Reporter for Omroep Vlaardingen

I’m obviously into writing, but I never convinced my parents that I wanted to study journalism. Instead my dad said I had to study something less specific, so that’s what I did. I’m almost finished with my studies Hotel- and Eventmanagement at Tio University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam. In a couple of months I’ll have Bachelor in Business Administration. And then? Well, then I want to take some time to develop myself  in journalism. A friend of mine is responsible for the local TV channel. Everyone who works there works as a volunteer, including me now, but I can honestly say I’ve already learned a lot and there’s so much more to learn I almost burst of excitement! I love working together with the other ambitious people at Omroep Vlaardingen. They work there because they love doing it, not because they have to. It takes up some of my time and my parents are kinda worried about my thesis (which I’m supposed to write these months) but there’s no need to worry, I just do what I really like!

I’ve done 3 items so far. The one below is my first item about a business centre. The second item was about a free photo shoot for kids. And the last one was kinda spontaneous and totally my own idea, but therefore even more fun.
Coming up: There are 3 weekends in Vlaardingen (that’s the name of the city I live in) where there’s a kinda festival (called ‘het Zomerterras’). I’m gonna make four items about ‘het Zomerterras’ and I have total freedom of making it! I’m very excited because for me it’s kinda huge, but I’m sure I’ll be able to make it work!

This year I will try to write as much as possible, make nice items for the local channel and do what makes me happy (:
If you have any advices or ideas, please let them know. I can use all kinds of help!


The YouTube video is in Dutch but I thought it was fun to post it 🙂


Single Life Solution #.01 Head Massage!

I always thought of myself as a relationship-girl but after being single for almost 2 years now I’m starting to doubt that. To make your single life a little better I made a list of solutions for your problems. Because as a single chick or dude you can’t deny you’re missing out on some things.

Today part one: The Head Massage

Craving a head massage? Just buy a head scratcher! Might feel weird in the beginning and I won’t deny there’s nothing better than the guy I like going through my hair, but he…it’s something and it’s good! Just put the scratcher on top of your head and move it up and down. Still don’t know what I’m talking about? I even took pictures & made a video for you!

Scratch it


TV is Up


I wrote this poem for a friend of mine: Tyler. His initials were T.V. and he used to post things like TV is Up. He still makes me smile when I think of him (:

Thinking about you hurts
When I realize you’re gone
I don’t believe in heaven
So that means for you it’s done 

Being gone does not mean
I can’t see you in my head
I’m sleeping with a smile
But I wake up sad

Your smile, your thoughts, you being there
It has all come to an end
A great person loved by so many people
A joker, a thinker, a friend            

 You’ll never be forgotten
Of course we’ll always care
Now our TV is up
Up above us. Up, up there.


Kingsday Festival!

Last week I posted about my bucket list item no. 24: Going to a festival. My friends and I bought tickets for Mysteryland – August 24th. I kinda hoped I would be able to cross this off my list before the end of August, and soon I can! April 30th it’s Queensday in Holland. A national holiday when we all dress up in orange and go out to party! This year our queen will retire and her son is gonna be king, so our famous Queensday will be Kingsday. And Kingsday wouldn’t be Kingsday without some good parties to go to. Together with a bunch of friends I’m going to the Kingsday Festival in Amsterdam! I already bought an outfit; I’m optimistic and I really hope it’s gonna be a sunny day. A friend of mine from Mexico will be in Holland so for him it will be amazing to experience this typical Dutch holiday!

I’m excited and can’t wait! Just saying: If you’re planning on visiting the Netherlands and you’re in for a party come April 30th! The fun will be EVERYWHERE!

Kingsday Festival